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June 2023 – new version of Norway’s largest technical dictionary is launched!

We are pleased to launch Clue version 10.15, with updated content and changes in line with new operating systems. A list of these can be found on our website.

The majority of our customers use the Norwegian-English/English-Norwegian dictionary, so therefore the largest update has been made in this particular language pair. Thousands of new translations have been added in medicine, law and economics. Common words and terms have also been added. Your access to the new content will depend on the type of dictionary you have. The work of incorporating EU terminology continues, and major disciplines such as law, finance, technology, environment and health (medicine/hospitals) will continue.

As a Clue user, this means that you have access to standardised terms that are used within the EU, in addition to all the other content in the dictionary.

We would like to thank all our active users for contributing to the content of Clue and enabling us to offer Norway’s most comprehensive and up-to-date technical dictionary.

Kind regards

Clue Norge AS